Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super Cute Flower Pens

Everyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a freak about my pens.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people walk away with my favorite pen.  A creative way to solve this problem is to make them into pretty flowers.  Then when someone walks away with one of them, I can quickly spot my pen on someones desk!  They also make a great teacher gift, what teacher wouldn't love some pretty pens for her desk?
 To make flower pens, you will need:
Floral tape
Glue gun
 Start by yanking the end cap off your pen by any means necessary.  I usually use my teeth, but pliers are probably a better tool!
Remove the stem from your chosen flower and put a glob of hot glue on the end.  Stick the glued end in the shaft of the pen, give it a twist to spread the glue on all sides.
Allow the glue to cool slightly, and adhere the floral tape to the top of the pen.  Wrap the floral tape around, making sure to stretch it as you go.  Once you reach the bottom, use a tiny bit of glue to stick down the end.  At this point, the pen will be slightly tacky from the floral tape.  It will go away as you use the pen, but you can roll it between your hands to remove the tackiness more quickly.

 This is what the finished pen will look like.  I find that the cap doesn't fit well after wrapping with floral tape, so I toss the caps.
Now that you have a pretty pen, you need something pretty to display them.  To make this container, I used Mod Podge to adhere scrapbook paper to a peanut butter container.  I used ribbon to cover the part where the lid screws to the container and stuck on a flower for good measure.

This, along with a Thank You note written by my daughter, will make a perfect Teacher Appreciation gift!

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  1. Wow(: this is a really neat idea(: thanks!!!


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