Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Front Door Sign

I have a cute summery sign hanging on my front door.  It gives me joy every time I look at it.  Unfortunately, my cute summer decor has taken a beating in the harsh Texas sun. 
As you can see, the black words are still dark as ever, but the yellow background and cute ladybugs had faded.  Not wanting to spend the money for a new sign, I decided it was time to do a little face lift on my existing one. 

I taped off all the metal parts and sprayed primer all over it.  While the primer was drying, I rummaged through my cans of spray paint.  I didn't have any yellow, but I did have some dark blue.  It would have to do because I was determined not to spend a penny on this project.  This is a summer sign, so I lightly sprayed the blue and let some of the white primer show through.  While the paint was drying, I broke out my Cricut and cut new words and some ladybugs onto white vinyl.  Once the blue was dry, I painted the ladybugs red and gave them black spots.  Because this hangs on my front door and is exposed to all the elements (including the rain), I used a spray sealer.  Something went wrong here because there are some foggy spots left behind.  I decided that it just adds to the charm and home made look.  Here is my new sign hanging happily on my front door.

The world is good again :)

This project is being entered in the CSI Challenge:  Outdoor Decor
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